The Verdict: Jamie’s

Just two weeks ago when my mum and I started feeling festive, we decided our annual Christmas Oxford Street Pilgrimage had come early and decided to venture into the capital for some Chrinspiration (see what I did there??).

As usual we headed off quite early into the depths of the underground and after a lovely stroll around covent garden we decided to be touristy and capture some pictures of us and the lovely Trafalgar Square.

hmmm maybe we aren’t so great at being tourists…

After realising it was incredibly cold and we needed some supplies for our numbing figures, we strolled along the strand and around Covent Garden in search of some digit warmers and briskly returned to our day’s mission: shopping.

SAM_1316 SAM_1317 SAM_1321 SAM_1323 SAM_1324

Absolutely famished we headed into the lovely and homey “Jamie’s Italian” one of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants which can be found here; in Covent Garden just before entering Seven Dials . Despite it being prime munching time in the capital, we were seated in under 15 minutes and handed the glorious menu to delight our taste buds.



With foresight of what the remainder of the day would bring, we chose rather light but substantial mains with the hope that neither of us would be too full at the end that fatigue would hit, but still have enough slow releasing energy to last us well into the evening.

I ordered the Seafood Bucatini; a delicious concoction of all things shellfish – squid, capers, prawn, crab, squid…you name it, and it was all there beautifully on my plate.


Mum chose the signature dish; Porchetta – slow cooked pork belly served with fennel crackling and what we expected to be a sizable watercress salad…


Needless to say both mains were delicious, and we were left feeling satisfied but not pushed to our limits. Unfortunately we both had food envy of the table next to us and gave in and shared dessert – a decadent honey and pine nut tart, garnished with melt in your mouth butterscotch cream. Yum!


The meal was all over delightful, and most surprisingly affordable for a celebrity chef chain – for both meals with dessert the bill came to under £35. I must admit I do love this restaurant as there is absolutely no element of pompousness. It is just as you would expect one of his restaurants to be – full of life, a wonderful atmosphere, with good, honest grub which is both inspiring and delicious. If all you want is a full bowl of messy gorgeousness, in a restaurant which encourages laughter and great conversation, Jamie’s Italian really is a great one to put on the list.

After our lunch, we quickly forgot to snap photos (I know – what kind of blogger am I, ai?) but had a lovely exploration around London, relishing in the breath taking window displays and the romantic Christmassy veil that London seems to have as soon as the evening dawns on us. Unfortunately the end of the day crept up on us far too early, but in a place like London it is hard not to get distracted!


I hope you were more successful with Christmas shopping than we were!

Until next time…


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