The Verdict: Zedel

A few Fridays ago, some of the team and I were invited to Brasserie Zedel for a bite to eat. What I love about this restaurant, and hundreds more across the city is how hidden it is on street level.

Situated on Sherwood street, it looks like a fairly small, subtle restaurant completely devoid of much sparkle. This is what I love about it, because once you enter you feel like a fool for underestimating how special this place truly is.

You enter into what feels like a French restaurant straight from the 20’s. It has that unique feeling where you wish you were dressed head to toe as a ‘Flapper Girl’ swinging to the Jazz music and just embracing the atmosphere.

2014-03-28 15.16.43

As you follow the signs down the stairs, the walls are adorned by movie posters that look to be from the early 20’s/30’s which further catapults you away from today and adds to the entire atmosphere of the restaurant.

2014-03-28 15.16.31

2014-03-28 13.00.42

As embarrassing as this may be, walking down the stairs I felt a tad like Rose expecting to see Jack at the bottom waiting for me… especially under this incredible chandelier! Just look at that bad boy – you must see what I mean about the Titanic feel huh?

Interestingly this restaurant houses both French and American cuisine, as well as a Cabaret act most evenings. We unfortunately were not privy to the show, but instead were completely taken a back by the underground restaurant which was simply beautiful.

2014-03-28 13.02.562014-03-28 13.02.39

2014-03-28 13.05.44

We all tried our hand at translating the menu, where I got to put my school French to use…not that I was any good mind you!

After an incredibly long time translating the menu,  trying to work out what we were in fact ordering, the food came along and my gosh it was incredible!
 2014-03-28 13.38.19

For starters I chose ‘ Tarte aux Poireaux et Gruyere’, and I will be honest with you, I’m not usually a fan of a pastry for starters, for fear it will be too heavy, but this was the most delicate, light, yet still crunchy tart I think I’ve ever tasted. The cheese quite literally melted in your mouth, and the only criticism I had was that it was over far too quickly!

2014-03-28 14.03.43

Next up was the mains; I went for the ‘Steak Hache au Poivre et Frites’ which was cooked just how I liked; pink and juicy!

2014-03-28 14.06.17

2014-03-28 14.03.49

 When dining in a big group of girls, you very quickly realise just how exciting the prospect of a sweet dessert is, and we had to order as many as we could!

I went for the Creme Brulee, a must when you are French dining as far as I’m concerned…

2014-03-28 14.52.01

I think it’s the “crack” I love the most, combined with the creamiest texture within. Who else is salivating right now? No, just me?

2014-03-28 14.52.46

The girls all went for something different, and judging from the array of ooo’s and ahhh’s followed quickly by silence, I think we all enjoyed our puds a heck of a lot!

2014-03-28 14.52.07 2014-03-28 14.52.13

2014-03-28 14.52.18

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Zedel, and am already trying to find a reason to get the girls together and try the other venues and restaurants they house.

Until next time…


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