My new little (non) secret

Those close to me know that I cannot pass up a good deal. Show me a sale, a coupon, any affiliate site where I can make back some money and I am yours – the email marketeer’s dream!

So when I came across Birchbox I didn’t need much persuading.

It’s worth saying now that this post is not sponsored and is entirely my own opinions – sadly I’m nowhere near read as much as I’d like, but new rules state you have to announce if it is sponsored or indeed not sponsored when discussing a brand so I must play ball.

Now we have the legals out of the way, back to the box.

I was initially intrigued when I started seeing these little boxes of joy so beautifully presented on Instagram by a few of my followers and friends. As someone who doesn’t like to be out of the loop I did a little Google search one day on the train, and 4 minutes later had subscribed to my first box.

For those of you who don’t know, Birchbox are a company who (for a small monthly fee) will send you 6 of the most popular or well reviewed beauty items a month to sample – and might I add generous samples – which if you do go onto love have a handy little loyalty scheme which means you can buy high end products for an absolute bargain.

Having started our love affair in February, it has only just occurred to me to blog about it now, so scroll down to explore April’s box and let me know what you think…

Birchbox AprilN.B. Never try and snap products around Ragdolls – they love to steal the limelight!

Contents of Birchbox April

Something I love about Birchbox is that whilst you have the element of surprise each month, you often get the chance to pick a product you’d like from a range. March’s box it was a choice of benefit mascara’s – naturally I went for ‘They’re Real!‘ having never jumped on that bandwagon before (and to be frank I like it, but don’t see what the fuss is about!), but this month was a Laura Mercier special: Foundation Primer, Full Blown Volume Supreme Mascara or Kohl Eye Pencil in Black Violet. Not being a fan of coloured eye liner (too traditionalist I guess) and having too many mascaras then I know what to do with, I chose the primer.

It was also the priciest sample so figured I’d be getting my money’s worth – told you I was a bargain hunter!

Along with the Mercier sample I also received the following products which I am itching to trial:

Lola Barcelona; Nail Polish in Born (full sized – 8ml)

Percy & Reed London; Smoothed, Sealed and Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil (30ml)

Liz Earle Beauty Co; Cleanse and Polish + Muslin Cloth (30ml)

Korres; Bergamont Pear Body Milk (40ml)

Befine; Warming Clay Mask (14g)

Total full sized value: £91.50

What I paid for the samples (typically a third of the size or larger) : £12.95 (incl P+P)

Good right?

I continue to be surprised by the size of the samples and can honestly say that most last the entire month if not longer. It is such a great way of discovering new products and trialling those you hear so much about whilst also having the perfect sizes for your handbag or travel case if you like the products but don’t want to move away from your current faves.

If you aren’t completely sold like I wasn’t at first, I’d recommend buying just one. It’s a great way of trialling the box and as you can build a custom beauty profile you can ensure that what you receive is what you are looking for and suited to your skin/hair type to get the most out of your subscription. And then if you love it, you can move onto different subscriptions to save even more money, and if you don’t it is really easy to cancel.

If you are interested use the link below and you’ll kick off your subscription with £5 worth of points to spend in the store:

and if not, I’ll be reviewing all products soon so stay tuned and I’ll spill the beans for you.

Until next time…


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